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The Homecoming Game

Sometimes the assignment you are on doesn’t really pan out as you hoped. Sometimes the best image isn’t from the actual assignment. It comes from random inspiration while you are shooting. For me, that’s exactly what happened while shooting Arkansas State University’s homecoming game against the University of Louisiana  at Monroe Saturday, Oct. 4.

I’m a sucker for a good sunset image. I love them. They make for great shots, they are easy to shoot, and I enjoy shooting them.  As I was down on the field shooting action and other photos, I caught a glimpse of pink streaks in the sky over my shoulder. I knew instantly I needed to get on the other other side of the stadium and up into the stands. While I took many photos of the sunset, this one is my favorite. It was the last shot I took before heading back down to the field for halftime.

ULM 146b

There is little to no editing. It’s cropped and that’s it. I played around with the HDR toning option and while it looked neat, this what it looked like at that moment, and I wanted the photo to be true.

The Archived Photos

I searched and searched for some more of my Main Street photos for a part 2 post, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, I came across some old photos that I had forgotten about. I spent a few hours searching and browsing through about 20 discs full photos and decided to share these with you. I’ll admit these photos are not timely and have no purpose other than to show them to you. I had forgotten about a few of these photos, while others I could not locate when I actually needed them. Isn’t that how it always goes?



The Frisbee Dogs

As part of halftime entertainment at the Arkansas State University double-header tonight, ASU presented The Frisbee Dogs. I had a blast shooting these dogs. It was tons of fun and the whole crowd enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the photos.

The Year in Review: stAte Volleyball

Arkansas State University Lady Red Wolves volleyball team completed it home season today. These are some of the images from the home games this year. You can also read more about about the team here.

The Year in Review: astAte soccer

Here are a few images from the 2013 Arkansas State soccer season. The Red Wolves finish the regular season Friday at Texas State. They are 9-6 and will finish with a winning record in back-to-back seasons for the first time in school history.

This was the final home game for the team at its current location. ASU won in overtime against Sun Belt Conference newcomer Georgia State 3-2 on Sunday. The team will move across campus to the track facility for the start of its 14th season next August.

The Arkansas State University vs. Auburn Football Game

There are opportunities in life that sometimes you just can’t pass up. I was able to experience one of those opportunities a few weeks ago at Auburn University. The Arkansas State Red Wolves’ football team played at Auburn and I was fortunate enough to attend. It wasn’t really about going to the game as much as it was about being at the game. The experience far out-weighed the outcome of the game. The SEC (Southeastern Conference) is one of the best conferences in the nation, if not the best. The environments the student-athletes play in can be quite intimidating, especially in the SEC. These are some of the images from the game, the crowd, the whole experience.
On a side note, Arkansas State lost 38-9.