6 thoughts on “The Year in Review: astAte basketball

  1. Shane Francescut

    These are fantastic action shots. I’ve been given the green light to shoot some sporting events at my former university, so I’ll hopefully have a chance to try it out soon. It seems like a pretty technical task.

    1. Hannah and Harley Post author

      Thanks, Shane! Shooting sports can be a technical task. I’ve been shooting sports for almost a decade now and I know which settings work best with each sport. It’s a trial and error process starting out though. Knowing your camera helps too. I’d love to see some shots when you can post. You work is great. I truly enjoy your photos!

      1. Shane Francescut

        As soon as I get some shots, I’ll post them and look for your critique 🙂 I may start with hockey though, since I’m Canadian, and that’s the sport I know like the back of my hand. I’m also hoping to try basketball and volleyball too.

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