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The Halloween Candy

Candy 003bb

This is just a simple way to display the office candy or treats. It is very easy to do and requires little to no extra purchases.

Here’s What you need:

  • candy (your choice)
  • vase or glass container (ideally you want it to be clear so everyone can what’s in it)
  • decor (if you like, though not required)

Here’s What You Do:

  • place the goodies in the container
  • decorate with ribbon or other themed decorations
  • enjoy!

I love ideas like this one because it’s not specifically tied to one holiday or time of the year. This works year-round and is very easy to do. Even the kiddos can help!

The Homecoming Game

Sometimes the assignment you are on doesn’t really pan out as you hoped. Sometimes the best image isn’t from the actual assignment. It comes from random inspiration while you are shooting. For me, that’s exactly what happened while shooting Arkansas State University’s homecoming game against the University of Louisiana¬† at Monroe Saturday, Oct. 4.

I’m a sucker for a good sunset image. I love them. They make for great shots, they are easy to shoot, and I enjoy shooting them.¬† As I was down on the field shooting action and other photos, I caught a glimpse of pink streaks in the sky over my shoulder. I knew instantly I needed to get on the other other side of the stadium and up into the stands. While I took many photos of the sunset, this one is my favorite. It was the last shot I took before heading back down to the field for halftime.

ULM 146b

There is little to no editing. It’s cropped and that’s it. I played around with the HDR toning option and while it looked neat, this what it looked like at that moment, and I wanted the photo to be true.