The Boys of Summer

This weekend was all baseball. All weekend long. Seriously. I’ve got photos to prove it! It really was baseball all weekend long.  It was supposed to be a baseball-packed weekend except I don’t think anyone told Mother Nature we didn’t want that much of it. Somehow game one of a three-game series started one day and ended the next day. Really, it’s true. The rain logged Friday and Saturday turned into a great afternoon for some Sunday doubleheader baseball action. See below.


Friday ASU vs. MTSU Rain

After a two and half hour rain/lighting delay the Arkansas State University Sun Belt Conference match up with Middle Tennessee State University finally started. Above is ASU Third Baseman Claude Johnson at second base in the pouring rain. The players were able to get in an inning and half before another lighting delayed was called and the field was cleared. Forty five minutes later they postponed the game to Saturday to pick up right where they left off. ASU had the bases loaded. Saturday was supposed to be a double header.


Baseball Saturday

After a forty five minute rain delay Friday’s game started about 2:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon right where it left off: bottom of the second with the ASU bases loaded.  Yes, it was raining on and off for most of Saturday’s game, but no lighting so they played on. ASU won 4-3. In case you are keeping track that was a 17 hours and 40 minutes suspension of one game. Because of the rain delay Saturday the doubleheader was moved to Sunday.


Baseball 3

Finally some beautiful baseball weather. ASU and MTSU split the Sunday doubleheader, each team winning one game.

Sunday was also Bark in the Park at Tomlinson Stadium Kell Field so I got to bring Harley to a baseball game! He is taking in the game here.

Baseball 2

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