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The Free Write Session


My lunch today.

My lunch today.

I’ve set my timer on my phone to start a 20-minute countdown for the free write. I am very concerned about what I’ve gotten myself into with this WordPress Writing 101 Blog, or what ever it’s called. I thought it would be a good idea to try this, but as life happens there’s another project at work that will take up my time during the same time frame as this challenge. My hope is that this blogging challenge will help me with both my writing skills (which are pretty weak right now) and break up the day for a little bit while I work this project. Let’s hope.

My subconscious must have known that this writing challenge started today. I had a dream last night that I was writing. The words were coming beautifully and flowed freely and easily from my brain to my hand. I was actually, physically writing in this dream. In my dream, it seemed so easy to free write …. now? Nope. Not too easy, but that’s challenge.

Six minutes down … Fourteen to go.

Pause. Nothing. Silence apparently. There are sentences in my brain. It’s not like there’s not up there, even though some may disagree. I am looking at a photo of my mom. I miss her. It’s been almost three half years since she passed. I’m sure within this challenge I’ll write about her, but not today. Today is about a free write. I need to move on.

The weather here is strange this year. It’s June and it’s not hot yet. Don’t worry. It will be. It’s only a matter of time before walking to the car covers you in a hot, sticky, sweaty mess. Yep. Welcome to the South, ya’ll!

Eleven and a half minutes down …. Eight and a half to go.

The water in the kitchen is running and my co-worker is typing on her keyboard. Silence. Both stop simultaneously. The phone should ring. It should have already done so. Why? Because I’m in the middle of something else. That’s how it always happens at work, right? Yes, I’m at work. I’m at work and I’m writing a free write and thinking about what I will eat at lunch. Sometimes it works like that.

More silence. I should turn the radio on, but I won’t.

I am still thinking about lunch. I’m thinking I should have gone to get food already, but I am challenging myself. I am free writing, or so, that’s what I think I’m doing. I took a literal interpretation of the assignment today. I hope I don’t do that the whole time. I might. What was the twist? Oh well, I don’t think it matters.

I gotta have a photo on here, OH! I will take a photo of my lunch! That’ll go great with this one.

Time! Pencils down (not literally.)