The 12 Days of Christmas: The Ornaments

I am very excited to bring to you the second annual 12 Days of Christmas. This project began last year as a last-minute gift idea guide and because it was so successful it started this very blog you are reading now! I will feature 12 different holiday gift ideas and/or recipes with instructions. I hope you enjoy them and are inspired. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hannah and Harley.

I am especially excited about this one as it is very special to me. I was inspired to make these ornaments from a pin I found on pinterest. (See it here.) I thought it was a great idea that anyone could do and wouldn’t take a lot of time or money to make. I wanted to use a jewel like the one I had seen, but I didn’t want to purchase any jewels and then it dawned on me! I can use my mom’s jewelry. As a teacher of 40-plus years, her students had given her plenty of Christmas jewelry. When she passed away almost three years ago I was given her jewelry armoire and struggled as to what to do with it. I knew I wouldn’t wear any of the Christmas stuff and then the light bulb went off! I’ll turn them into ornaments I can put on my own tree. I love this idea because I can honor the memory of my Mom and the gifts of her students by up-cycling it into something I would use.

While most people won’t have Christmas jewelry laying around for this project, you can use just about anything you can find that will fit the small opening in an ornament. In my browsing for ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas project I saw things like feathers (which I used), candy (think M&MS), paint and markers, and even a candle (melted). This idea can be adapted and anyone can make it. That’s why it’s so cool.

All you are need are clear ornaments (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby. A box of 12 glass ornaments was $7.99) and the items you are going to use to decorate the ornaments. You can use things like pieces of fabric, pieces from a feather boa (be warned that makes a mess), candy, bells, costume jewelry, candles, markers, stickers, etc. The options are endless. The next step is to decorate it. Personalize it. Make it your own. It’s a great gift idea for kids and teenagers. Who knows it may even end up in the home of a favorite teacher and last for years to come.

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