The April Fools Day

Yes. Today is April Fool’s Day. It’s a day for those who love pranks, jokes, and laughs. Although I love to laugh, I do not like to be pranked. It’s been a long time since anyone has tried to play to a big joke on me. I happen to be very observant (most days) and am pretty good at putting two and two together. When you are good at those two things people tend to not play the joke on you.

Not that I have fallen for a few though. I think my favorite April Fool’s Day joke was a few years back when a friend from college posted a positive pregnancy test photo on Facebook. I totally fell for it. So did a bunch of other folks. Harmless fun. That’s the best.

I did some research on April Fool’s Day and its origins aren’t that clear, but it most likely originated in the mid- 1500s  when the French switched to the Gregorian calendar. This switch changed the new year from late March to what we currently know. As legend has it there were some people who were able to convince others that the new year was still in
March. Those silly pranksters!

Click here for a story on April Fool’s Day. It’s an easy read, unlike some of the stories I read while researching.

Click here for a link to some modern day April Fool’s Day pranks in the media and social media.

May today bring some laughter to you! Have a great one!


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