The Mat Frame

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hannah and Harley wishes everyone a loving and peaceful day filled with what or who brings happiness to your world.

I am a practical person. I love practical ideas that can be slightly altered for a personal and unique touch especially for gift ideas. Everyone knows at least one or two people that are suckers for ideas like this one. For those on a budget this idea is refreshing.

Not only am I practical, but I also love photos. Any time I get the opportunity to give or receive a photo I love it!

Here’s the idea: take those blank, dull, and boring mats add some of your decoration using a sharpie or marker(s), place your favorite photo in it, and you’ve got an original mat (made with love) as a setting for a framed gift.

How is that practical? This is what I love about ideas like this one: it’s great for any occasion and it creates unique and one-of-kind pieces of décor. This is a great idea for children to give gifts to mom and dad or teenagers with a creative flair on a budget. The mat you see in the photo was purchased for $1.50 from Wal-Mart and the metal stand (optional, but make sure the mat will stand on it’s own) was $.97.

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